Diversity Statement

Sykes Dalby and Truelove are committed to promoting equality at every opportunity, both as a provider of services and as an employer. We ensure diversity within the firm by actively recruiting, developing and promoting a diverse group of employees based on individual merit, qualities and performance. We aim to create an inclusive environment which each person is valued as a key part of our culture and a critical factor in our ability to provide quality service to our clients.
The Legal Services Act 2007 specifies a regulatory objective to encourage a ‘strong, independent, diverse and effective legal profession’ within firms that supply reserved legal services such as probate. A diversity questionnaire was sent to all workers in March 2019.
The Equalities and Human Rights Commission states it is important that we do not breach workers’ confidentiality, or reveal anything which might enable someone to work out information about another person which was provided in confidence. For this reason and in order not to compromise the anonymity of individual members of staff, we have decided to publish only the less sensitive data. The full results have been submitted to the Institute of chartered accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and will be included within the national published results.
Firm Name : Sykes Dalby & Truelove Limited
ICAEW Firm Number : C003802784
Number of employees : 9
Completed Questionnaires : 9
About You:
ICAEW Chartered Accountant 1
ICAEW Chartered Accountant Training 2
Other Qualified Accountant 2
Other professional manager 1
Other accountant training 1
Support staff 2
Male 3
Female 6
For reasons highlighted above, we have not published results of the following responses:
  • Age;
  • Disability;
  • Ethnic Group;
  • Faith;
  • Sexual Orientation;
  • Socio-economic background;
  • Social mobility, and;
  • Caring responsibilities

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